6 Benefits of Sleeping Naked for Women

Healthy SleepAccording to new research, less than 10 percent of Americans sleep naked. Sleeping naked can not only make women look sexy, but also it is actually good for their health as claimed by the experts. This also applies to men for maintaining their general health.
So, check out these following 6 reasons why you will benefit from sleeping naked, as quoted Cosmopolitan.com:

1. Powerful healthy vagina

The author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women – Jennifer Landa MD, said that sleeping naked could make your vagina healthier. As we know, the vagina is inhabited by several species of bacteria and yeast. However, the worse thing is that a warm vagina sometimes can cause excessive growth of bacteria. One of the ways to prevent infection is to keep the air circulating around the vagina. This will happen when you are naked during sleeping.

2. Better sleep

“Most of us want a warm and comfortable night. However, in fact it is more important for you to have a cool environment when you sleep,” said Lisa Shives, one of the directors of the National Sleep Foundation. “During sleeping, your body temperature decreases which is the natural activity of the body. Therefore, being too warm by wearing sleeping clothes and heavy blankets could disturb this natural process of cooling down of the body.” Sleeping naked will simply help your body stay cool as needed and thus you will sleep better.

3. Sexier skin and hair

The author of best selling book The Hormone Diet – Natasha Turner who is also a naturopath said that a cool body when sleeping naked will help the release of growth hormone which functions as anti aging agent and melatonin. These hormones make the re-generation process of the skin and hair faster which makes your hair and skin look sexier.

4. Prevention to get belly fat

You will sleep better with sleeping naked and thus it decreases more the level of cortisol – the stress hormone, maintains your energy and suppresses your hunger. When the sleep is interrupted, the cortisol hormone level will rise. When you wake up you will feel hungry and start looking for food which triggers overeating.

5. Increase confidence

According to Landa, it was very nice to sleep naked. “You will feel the sensation of the soft sheets and cool air, which can make you feel you are very sexy”, she said. “And, feeling you are sexy can increase your self confidence.”

6. Increase the quality of your sex life

According to Landa, sleeping naked is very good for the happier relationship with partner, because skin-to-skin touching is very effective to boost up the chemical compounds which produce a feel-good effect, such as the hormone – oxytocin that is produced when we embrace each other. “Sleeping naked, therefore encourages you to have sex with higher quality,” she said. Sleeping naked will make you feel more relaxed and in the mood for sex, which makes it easier to have an orgasm.


The above explanation may be good only just to learn and to know but when it comes to doing many women (also men) may face some constrains as follows:

  • The ambient temperature may be too cool or too hot for sleeping naked (especially during winter or summer) in the subtropical countries. You may to adjust the room temperature through setting of the air con or air heater.
  • For the couple, one may agree and the other one may disagree with the room temperature.
  • Other specific reasons.

The recommendation is do manage to try it whenever it is possible.

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