About us

Hi, my name is Albert Sargent, the admin of HealthyLifeNutrition.Net.

I used to work in an International Company as a system manager who was in charge of the Foods factory system. Now I am retired already.

I have a group of folks who are taking a great care about maintaining their health and know very much about how to promote and keep up a good health.
Some of them have the profession as doctor and nutritionist.

The aim of creating this website is for us to share to other people anything we think is good for promoting and maintaining health as well as how to tackle a health problem.

We also collecting information from various reliable sources and pack them into articles in this website.

We are interested in doing so because we are happy to see everybody in good health. We believe health is more than anything else. We must be in good health in order to work, make money, and enjoy life.

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