Acupressure for Mild Headache Remedies

Headache Remedies with Acupressure

Three Points that Should Be Massaged When Headache Drugs Are Not Available in the Office

acupressure-for-headacheNot all the complaints of the disease must be addressed with medication. For example, mild headache due to stress in the workplace can be relieved with simple massage techniques. An acupressure specialist said it was easy to do it.


At least acupressure can be used as the 1st aid for headache remedies in the emergency situation where headache drugs are not instantly available with you somewhere such as in the office.

“The advantage of acupressure is its simple technique that can be done alone without any risk or harm to health”, said Dr. Hasan M. an acupressure consultant from Jakarta at Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital during the seminar “Healthy, Smart and Productive with Herbals” in September 2012.


To cope with the headache in the workplace, the first massaging points as explained by Dr. Hasan is on top of the head.

In the acupressure terms it is called GP20 point. The point is located just near the head crown that only needs to be pressed with moderate force as many as 30 times.




The next point is located in the head exactly behind the bony skull. Just like the first point, this second point is also only needs to be pressed as many as 30 times or until you feel better and the headache feels to subside.





The last point to be massaged for mild headache remedies is located at the back of the hand.

The way to find it is to tighten the thumb with the index finger, then you will see a bulge to appear in the corner (see picture). The protruding part is the point that must be massaged to relieve headaches.



Although it is safe and no danger, Dr. Hasan reminded that this technique should not be performed under the following conditions:

1. You are taking blood-thinning drugs
2. You are pregnant
3. There is a tumor with you
4. You are being under certain condition that needs surgery
5. You are in the state of emergency

“For these conditions it is not recommended for a massage because otherwise it will be neutralize the condition maintained to get ready for the actual treatment or medication ” said Dr. Hasan who asserted that acupressure massage techniques are only for mild headaches remedies, not because of other diseases .

In addition to stress causes, mild headaches in the workplace can also be triggered by non-ideal sitting position and eye fatigue due to sitting in front of a computer all day. Mild headache, he said, is one of the most common complaints experienced by the workers in the office.

Last but not least, doing regular exercises everyday will reduce the risk of having headaches since it promotes better blood circulation throughout the body. In addition to that healthy nutrition through daily meals is also a must for maintaining a good health.

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  1. Are there pressure points to relieve headaches in out finger tips? I find that when I type, my headache pain lessens. Am I imagining this, because it is a pain distraction, or is it possible that there are pain relief points in out finger tips?

    1. It is unsure if some pressure on finger tips can lessen headache. But reflexologists believe that pressure or stimulation on certain points at the bottom of feet can improve the work of certain organs of the body.

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