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Health Benefits of Nuts

6 Types of Nuts with Health Benefits

Many people think that nuts are one of the major causes of acne, but on the other hands, some studies actually revealed the health benefits of nuts.

Here are a few types of nuts that can be considered as healthy nutrition for keeping up a good health as reported in Women’s Health.

benefits of peanuts1. Peanut

This nut contains 170 calories and 14 grams of fat per one-ounce serving.
A study discovered that this nut is a good choice for keeping up your cholesterol level. Peanut provides more protein (7 grams per serving) than the other nuts.

Some people said peanuts as one of the main causes of pimples. This might be right if you eat them too much. You may do experiments yourself.

benefits of almond2. Almond

This nut contains 160 calories and 14 grams of fat per one-ounce serving.
According to a nutritionist at Loma Linda University – Joan Sabate Ph. D, almonds contain almost nine times more healthy monounsaturated fats than dangerous saturated fats. With containing enough calcium, protein, iron, fiber and no cholesterol, these nuts become one of the best sources of vitamin E which protects the body from the risk of having cancer and stroke. Continue reading »

Right Drinking Rules for Drug Safety and Safe Supplements

Are supplements and drugs safe?

safe drugsEating vitamins, supplements or drugs might have been your daily routine. But do you know if the rules are not followed with high discipline it could cause harm to your health instead of giving a benefit? What is the right way of eating dietary supplements, vitamins and drugs? Drug safety is something to do with the right direction of how to use it.

Additional vitamin serves to prevent vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiency in the body due to the intake of nutrients that are not balanced, or unbalanced food intake with energy discharged, for example during the pain or excessive physical activity. Vitamin supplements must not necessarily be consumed every day. Compared with vitamin supplements, good foods remain the best source of natural and safe vitamins.

In principle, the adequacy of the vitamin would be fulfilled if we eat foods with healthy and complete nutrients at a regular schedule, which is 3 times of the main meal consisting of staple foods, animal meat, vegetables, 2 servings of fruits and 2 cups of milk. This is called as balanced healthy nutrition, said a nutritionist. Continue reading »

6 Benefits of Sleeping Naked for Women

Healthy SleepAccording to new research, less than 10 percent of Americans sleep naked. Sleeping naked can not only make women look sexy, but also it is actually good for their health as claimed by the experts. This also applies to men for maintaining their general health.
So, check out these following 6 reasons why you will benefit from sleeping naked, as quoted

1. Powerful healthy vagina

The author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women – Jennifer Landa MD, said that sleeping naked could make your vagina healthier. As we know, the vagina is inhabited by several species of bacteria and yeast. However, the worse thing is that a warm vagina sometimes can cause excessive growth of bacteria. One of the ways to prevent infection is to keep the air circulating around the vagina. This will happen when you are naked during sleeping. Continue reading »