Danger of Excessive and Wrong Diet

Breaking News: Excessive Diet made a Beautiful Woman to be like a Living Skeleton

This is a warning for the women who are obsessed with having a slim body. There are many various ways women do to slim their body, but some of the methods might be a wrong diet or unsuitable for women to work with. Some of women might not know the danger of excessive diet.
Diet sometimes is misinterpreted as eating less, even it is more extremely mistaken as not eating at all, which is of course totally wrong. Many people do diet based on this concept which actually can be avoided if they have consulted first with their physicians who are specialized in losing weight.
So, before you go on a diet, it is better first you consult a doctor to determine the pattern or method which is right and healthy in order not to become a diet victim of wrong diet like the woman in the above video.

Danger of Excessive and Wrong Diet

Valeria Levitin, after and before

Valeria Levitin, a woman from Monaco was so obsessed to have a slim body that could allow her to become a model.
Woman who had ever joined a beauty contest is now regretting all the decision to diet, because of possible wrong methods of diet that brings her into misery.
But, it is too late, now her weight has been dramatically reduced to 25 kg only. Note the her picture above before and after the diet.
Valeria suffered from severe anorexia. Now his body can no longer receive the sugar and carbohydrate.
After experiencing anorexia, Valeria body now looks very tragic. She looks older than actual age with dry and dark skin. The appearance now has been so much different from the one before she did the excessive diet.
But she still has a noble ambition. Valeria does not want other women to experience the things that happened to her. “I’m not going to teach you how to die. This is not a game, not a joke, it is your life. I want to share a story so as not to repeat my fate. Anorexia has made me lonely, unattractive and repulsive to the people around me, “said Valeria.
Valeria also gave a warning to others about the dangers of extreme dieting. It is very true that having a slim body is a dream of many women. But if they do diet excessively, they will live with regrets forever.

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Steps About Weight Loss After Pregnancy

weight loss after pregnancy

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

There are two types of weight loss after pregnancy: the natural elimination of the special body fluids that accompanies delivery and voluntary fat loss that consists of the accelerated burning of the fat deposits. With delivery, the body begins to adapt to the normal condition. You lose blood during delivery, you eliminate the placenta and the amniotic fluid, and then, you get rid of the water retained in tissues by urination or perspiration. In less than two weeks you’ll lose around 15 pounds.

In case you have accumulated lots of fat during pregnancy, you may want to get fit by stimulating the system through diet solution and exercising. Make sure you rest well during the postpartum period. You’ve been through a lot of stress, you are still adjusting to being a mother, and getting used to caring for the baby, not to mention that you wake up several times per night to breastfeed or nurse the baby. This is a difficult time to go through even if you have family support.

So you have to find the right time for losing weight after pregnancy.

Weight loss after pregnancy may begin the moment you are fully recovered, and you feel really strong and well. Despite the sense of well being, you should not exaggerate with training. Increase exercise intensity progressively, following a gradual training pattern. Thus, the adjustment phase will let you adapt to another workout rhythm and weight loss after pregnancy will go much more smoothly. Have a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

Breastfeeding moms should pay great attention to their nutrition because their body is still under a lot of stress. Your baby needs so many nutrients, and he/she can only take them from your milk. Talk to your doc because he/she will know what to recommend both for breastfeeding and for weight loss after pregnancy.

There are gym programs designed for new moms, and they may offer exactly what you need. There are even baby sitting services available with some facilities. An alternative to gym workouts, is home exercising, swimming, cycling or jogging. As long as you feel good while exercising, any form of weight loss after pregnancy will be fine. Just make sure to keep the exercises within the comfort limits so as not to over-stimulate the body.

Running To Lose Weight

Running To Lose Weight – Is It Possible?

Running To Lose Weight

Beginner Running Program

Yes, it is possible if you know how to run to lose weight.

As attested by many experts and hundreds of thousands of runners, running to lose weight is one of the best ways to burn fat.

If your immediate goal right now is losing weight, running to lose weight programs are one of the best alternatives. It is almost without cost. It might even be the cheapest weight loss program bar none.

The following are some guides on how to run to lose weight:

The doctor

Talking to your doctor is your first step in losing weight. Only he would know for sure everything about you, your body, your health and the things that may be good or bad for you.

After you get your doctor’s permission, begin to implement your plan of running to lose weight gradually at first. A good start for some is simply walking for a short period of time

Walking will first help you meliorate your cardiovascular health. After which, you may begin to do some slow jogging. Follow this up with running after a time.

Your body needs to be familiar with the new regular activity. Your trainer and your doctor could give you a timetable.

How Much Should I Run To Lose Weight?

Slow and gradual, that’s the answer.

Once you are into regular running according to plan, you do not do sprints right away in the hope of losing weight faster. It’s important not to overdo it in the hopes of losing weight faster.

Starting out slow and gradual in your running program can give you the room to modify, change, or scrap some parts of your program until you are comfortable and satisfied with it.


Changing your workout routine is one very important consideration in your weight loss program. To those who do not understand this, there is a big tendency that runners might abandon their running routine at this time.

After some time when a runner had already been deep into his running program, the body stops losing weight.

The simple explanation is that the body readily adapts to any new situation and can become accustomed to a lose weight running program. By this time, the body becomes very efficient and only requires fewer calories to do the same amount of work.
Your body stops losing weight as well as an unfortunate side effect.

After weeks of running, and after losing some amount of weight, you may find that your weight loss slows down. Sometime later, you will notice that your weight stays as is, unable to lose a single pound.

One way to resolve this is to vary the distance, length or intensity of your running. You may increase the length to about 3 to 4 miles, or lengthening the time each day, or perhaps running at a faster pace.
The muscles will be adjusted anew by doing this. The body cannot become more efficient and has to burn some calories to complete the new additional prerequisite.
By changing your dietary habits, you can help challenge your body in losing weight. A potent combination in losing weight is increased activity levels and proper diet solution program.

All in all, keep to your agenda and your program. After a while, your weight goal can be achieved and you will stile enjoy the activity of running. Beginner running programs are the best way of starting any weight loss activity.

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