Danger of Excessive and Wrong Diet

Breaking News: Excessive Diet made a Beautiful Woman to be like a Living Skeleton

This is a warning for the women who are obsessed with having a slim body. There are many various ways women do to slim their body, but some of the methods might be a wrong diet or unsuitable for women to work with. Some of women might not know the danger of excessive diet.
Diet sometimes is misinterpreted as eating less, even it is more extremely mistaken as not eating at all, which is of course totally wrong. Many people do diet based on this concept which actually can be avoided if they have consulted first with their physicians who are specialized in losing weight.
So, before you go on a diet, it is better first you consult a doctor to determine the pattern or method which is right and healthy in order not to become a diet victim of wrong diet like the woman in the above video.

Danger of Excessive and Wrong Diet

Valeria Levitin, after and before

Valeria Levitin, a woman from Monaco was so obsessed to have a slim body that could allow her to become a model.
Woman who had ever joined a beauty contest is now regretting all the decision to diet, because of possible wrong methods of diet that brings her into misery.
But, it is too late, now her weight has been dramatically reduced to 25 kg only. Note the her picture above before and after the diet.
Valeria suffered from severe anorexia. Now his body can no longer receive the sugar and carbohydrate.
After experiencing anorexia, Valeria body now looks very tragic. She looks older than actual age with dry and dark skin. The appearance now has been so much different from the one before she did the excessive diet.
But she still has a noble ambition. Valeria does not want other women to experience the things that happened to her. “I’m not going to teach you how to die. This is not a game, not a joke, it is your life. I want to share a story so as not to repeat my fate. Anorexia has made me lonely, unattractive and repulsive to the people around me, “said Valeria.
Valeria also gave a warning to others about the dangers of extreme dieting. It is very true that having a slim body is a dream of many women. But if they do diet excessively, they will live with regrets forever.

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