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Every year the weight loss industry is getting bigger and bigger because of the increasing percentage of overweight people worldwide and especially in the US.

Unfortunately too much of this money is not well spent since most people don’t buy the right and healthy weight loss programs, what they do buy are false hopes.

Instead of healthy weight loss, big claims that buzz off hope to people, misguiding advice and scams brought in the marketplace by well thought out marketing plans from big companies are bought by many overweight people.

Almost all of those overweight people are really desperate to burn their fat of, probable you as well. Therefore they always buy into those miracle weight loss scams that make you lose weight overnight.

Most of these scams never mention about healthy weight loss programs but quick weight loss program.

But that just isn’t going to happen. People can’t lose weight overnight with some miracle weight loss pill or ab belt or whatsoever. There’s only one way for you to lose weight and that’s by eating healthy, no low-fat or low-carb or any other famous fad diet, and of course doing more daily exercises and these are the only recipe of healthy weight loss programs.

Check out here what one of diet recipes recommended is for healthy weight loss programs.

The good thing for a healthy weight loss is, it doesn’t have to cost you that much time for the exercises. 45-60 minutes for ¾ days a week is more than adequate as long as you do the proper exercises. Too many people are mislead by so called fitness or weight loss experts and they keep on doing the wrong exercises.

All that you need to do with your exercises is boost your metabolic rate and thus burn more calories, of course you need to eat less calories as well and make sure your calories come from protein foods.

The best exercises for real and fast weight loss are weight lifting exercises. Weight lifting exercises train large muscle groups in your body which increases your metabolic rate high enough to burn calories for up to 2 days and of course you still need to eat healthy foods. Or, intermittently you may insert in your exercises to burn fat something fun.

Eating 5/6 small meals a day and making sure your calories come from protein rich foods is necessary for a healthy weight loss. Fish, organic meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grain is where the real magic and healthy weight loss is.

You don’t need to go on a diet. When the diet tells you have to starve, or you feel like you’re starving you’re on a bad diet and you will never lose weight long term.

Long term weight loss is only possible if you eat right and eat healthy foods with healthy nutrition and do the right exercises.

If you neglect one of those two or don’t want to do them, don’t even try to lose weight because it just is not going to happen.

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