Brain Nutrition Benefits Of Apple


By Albert S.

brain nutrition benefits of apple

Brain Nutrition Benefits of Apple

Eating 2-3 apples a day, or drinking the juice, can help the brain to function well, so to reduce forgetfulness. Antioxidant compounds in apples, especially vitamin C and quercetin work as brain nutrition which prevents damage to the memory and brain function caused by oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is not stress on your mind, but a condition of limited intake of antioxidants. This makes our bodies unable to neutralize free radicals, which is believed by nutritionist as trigger of a series of diseases, from cataracts to cancer.

A popular ancient expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not just words. Benefits of apple is really amazing, because this fruit contains a number of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and is rich in antioxidants. So do not forget to eat an apple every day for your brain nutrition.

Benefits of apple has been known since Roman times. At that time, apple is often used as abstergent for digestive tracks. This is due to the tartar acid in apples. Tartar acid can inhibit the growth of diseases caused by bacteria in the digestive tract.

There are many other benefits of apple. Research shows that apples have high levels of quercetin. High levels of quercetin may increase antioxidant activity in blood. This can reduce LDL cholesterol levels that can damage the blood flow.

In addition to brain nutrition benefits, the high quercetin makes people who consume a lower risk of getting heart disease and stroke. According to experts, quercetin also has anti-arteriosclerosis and anti-thrombotic effects.

The content of quercetin was said to inhibit certain types of cancer. Smokers by experts are encouraged to consume lots of apples. This is because apples being rich in flavonoids and quercetin, which can prevent the blood vessel wall damage caused by tobacco. Additionally, in the Chinese medicine theory, apple has a cooling effect for the lungs.

Soluble fiber called pectin in apples also can lower cholesterol levels. Pectin can bind bile acids and carried out through the feces. Pectin in apples are also useful in controlling blood sugar.

While having the benefits of apple, you may want to eat in form of nice cocktail or crepe. The following are the recipes:

Apple Cocktail Recipe – for 10 servings (1 serving = 238 calories)

500 grams of apples, diced
300 grams pineapple, diced
300 grams of pear, diced
1 tablespoon lemon juice / lemon
Ice Cube

Material sauce:
1.5 liters of water
5 pieces of red peppers and
1 teaspoon shrimp paste, mashed
1.5 tbsp salt
250 grams brown sugar
200 grams granulated sugar
100 ml acid water

Make process:
Boil sauce ingredients until boiling then lift.
Pour into the sauce a fruit that has been cut and lime juice. Let cool. Store in refrigerator.
Serve with ice cubes.

Fried Apples Crepe – for 10 servings (1 serving = 110 calories)

Crepe material:
100 grams of wheat flour
1 egg
250 ml milk
1 tablespoon margarine, melted

Material contents:
250 grams of apple, diced small
2 tablespoons lime juice
75 grams sugar
Half teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Make process:
For the crepes: Mix the flour and eggs. Stir. Pour the milk little by little until exhausted. While stirring, enter the melted margarine, stir well. Heat a teflon pan. Pour the batter thinly. Set aside.

For the mixes (content): Mix apples, sugar and lime juice. Cook over low flame. Give cinnamon powder. After the apple is soft, remove from heat.
Fill each of batter crepe with above apple mixes. Fold up like spring rolls. Fry until golden brown. Lift and serve.

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Increase Your Vertical Jump

Workouts To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Increase Your Vertcal Jump

Increase Your Vertcal Jump Program

Jumping higher or falling requires strong muscles. Sportsmen and basketball players are the folks that perform these exercises to increase their vertical leap.  Volleyball players are also given training program in the exercises that increase vertical leap of the players.

The following are some training tips on how to increase your vertical jump fast:

Exercises to increase Vertical Jump warm up

Heat up is a big step that should not be skipped before you perform any of your exercises. Stretching exercises and methodologies must be learned correctly to carry out warm up.  Light jogging for a couple of minutes can help to warm up your muscles and thus ease your exercising movements.

Exercises to increase Vertical Leap Some Drills

These are some of the exercises meant to boost your jump and help you jump higher and fast that should be imparted in your daily vertical jump program.

Toes Raises

Stand on your legs with equal weight on both the legs.  Raise your feet so that you will stand on the tips of your toes.  Then come down to the first position.  The stretch will be felt at the calf and the thigh muscles seriously.  Repeat this for approximately 20-25 times.  After one week or so you can increase the count gradually.

Knee Bends

For performing these exercises to increase vertical leap, stand upright and slowly bend your knees. When you’re bending your knees, ensure that your back is straight. Slowly bend your knees and go in a downward direction. Remember, don’t bend the knees more than your capacity. If bending wounds after a certain point, stop at this point itself. Do not overdo bending, otherwise, it may lead the way on to major injuries.

Jumping ( Skipping ) Rope

Jumping using a jump rope emphatically pushes up your vertical leap. Jumping with a rope can be done anywhere. This is one of the most favorable exercises to extend vertical leap.

Regular Workout

Exercises to increase vertical leap include exercise routines for strengthening the muscles of the back, lower abdomen, upper stomach and oblique. These are those muscles which generate plenty of power when a higher leap is desired.

These are the exercises to improve vertical leap.  Augmenting the body flexibility is also critical for increasing the vertical leap.  This is because tight muscles cannot help you jump higher.

There are many sources or book over the internet on how to increase your vertical jump you can find.

Choose Skin Acne Products

How to Choose and Mix Skin Acne Products

Skin Acne Products

Skin Acne Products

If your answer to even a single one of those questions is in affirmative, then you’ve got to take excellent care of your skin. If you’re already suffering from problems like acne, this becomes much more significant to go for skin acne products.

If home remedy for acne has not been effective, the leading consideration is to ensure that you only buy skin acne products of established repute in the market. Products from Bodyshop, H2O, Forest Essentials and the like are known for their high quality. Clearly these products come for a premium, but then no-one claimed that the best products are the lowest priced. Cheap, unknown brands have no credibility and you will chance your skin along with your hard earned money.

Another thing that you need to make note of while picking skin acne products is to opt for non comedogenic products only. Non comedogenic products are the ones that don’t block your skin pores. Using comedogenic products can lead to clogging of skin pores, which could aggravate your acne even further.

It is very important to be aware of your skin type. You must make contact with a skin expert to figure out your skin type. Only use products that are intended for your skin type.

People think that only glossy skin is impacted by acne. As a consequence they begin to use products meant for oily skin regardless of what is their own skin type. This is a parable and acne happens irrespective of your skin type. Acne treatment products meant for oily skin can have negative impact if used on other skin types. Check your skin type and use suitable products only.

Complete skin care involves many things including but not restricted to a cleaner, toner, moisturizer and scrub. If you would like the most electrifying results, make sure that you get all these products from the same manufacturer. These products are so developed as to work best with each other. If you mix and match products from different brands, you won’t get the best results.

While you choose skin care products with care, it is also critical for you to pick the right anti acne solution also. Go in for effective products that works on the most heavy cases of acne too. The product not just treats existing acne but should also stops future breakouts.

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