Right Drinking Rules for Drug Safety and Safe Supplements

Are supplements and drugs safe?

safe drugsEating vitamins, supplements or drugs might have been your daily routine. But do you know if the rules are not followed with high discipline it could cause harm to your health instead of giving a benefit? What is the right way of eating dietary supplements, vitamins and drugs? Drug safety is something to do with the right direction of how to use it.

Additional vitamin serves to prevent vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiency in the body due to the intake of nutrients that are not balanced, or unbalanced food intake with energy discharged, for example during the pain or excessive physical activity. Vitamin supplements must not necessarily be consumed every day. Compared with vitamin supplements, good foods remain the best source of natural and safe vitamins.

In principle, the adequacy of the vitamin would be fulfilled if we eat foods with healthy and complete nutrients at a regular schedule, which is 3 times of the main meal consisting of staple foods, animal meat, vegetables, 2 servings of fruits and 2 cups of milk. This is called as balanced healthy nutrition, said a nutritionist.

If needed, additional vitamins may be eaten after you finish eating. After that, if you want to consume caffeinated beverages, you should wait until say one and half hour. Because if you drink caffeine at the same time of or right after your meal, it can give some negative effects on the absorption of vitamins, such as increased spending calcium in the urine and inhibits the absorption of vitamins. Eating any vitamin supplements should not be done without right direction, because everyone is different in the need of vitamins depending on the individual health condition of each. Do consult your doctor for defining right direction.

So, how do I take medication properly for drug safety?

First, follow the directions on the packaging of the medication or your doctor about the right time of the consumption. For example, the drug should be eaten early morning or evening, before or after meals, because some types of drugs can cause discomfort in the stomach if you consume before meal.

Milk and caffeinated beverages (including tea, coffee and soda) should be avoided after you eat the drug, or at least wait until 2 hours later. If you drink immediately after taking the drugs, milk or coffee can neutralize the drug so as to negate their efficacy. Coffee can also cause nausea, and soda can cause stomach irritation.

Eating safe drugs should be done at timely manner, especially antibiotics and antiviral. If not, it can even induce immunity of the disease-causing bacteria that you suffer against the drugs you eat. Finish the drug in the recommended amount and time frame. If you feel any incompatibility with drugs (allergy), immediately consult your doctor. The common symptoms of allergy due to medications are itching all over the body, shortness of breath and even fainting. Last but not least sleeping well is also safe drugs.

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