Safe Smoke Tips to Reduce Smoking Health Risks

Is there any way for the smokers to safe smoke?

safe smokeFirst things first, this article is not meant to encourage smokers to keep smoking. Quitting smoking is the best recommendation. However, it is entirely the smoker’s decision to stop or keep smoking. If they smoke, they must be aware of the risk which is of their full responsibility.

What I mean with safe smoke in this article is to smoke in such a way so that it reduces the risk to your health to a minimum.
It is not necessarily about using e-cigarettes or any smoking devices, such as a smoke filter, but it is about using your body’s capability of neutralizing the side effects.
How? Go on reading this full article.

Two main classes of smokers from respects of addiction:

  1. Those who have been addicted to nicotine. Smokers of this type always find it is terribly hard to quit smoking because their blood always demands nicotine. The absence of nicotine will cause them feel uncomfortable with side effects such as nervousness, headache, sleepiness, spiritless feelings, etc.
  2. Those who have not been addicted but smoking has become their habit. They enjoy the “good” smell of a burned cigarette.
    In their perception, smoking can also make them think better and make them calmer.>/li>

The tips in this article work well especially for those in class #2.

Understanding your body’s defense system:

human immune systemA healthy body always reacts to any unwanted particles taken into the body by discharging it.
The unwanted things could be in the form of toxins, poisonous foods, and over-consumption of foods even though they are healthy.
The body cleansing process will work successfully if the amount of unwanted material is not excessive.

Have you ever experienced vomiting spell after eating poisonous foods because it was expired or contaminated with collie bacteria?

Are you aware that your kidneys and liver are working all the time to cleanse your body of any waste or harmful substance or the harmful by-product of foods you eat?
These organs are also working to remove the over-supply of foods or minerals you consume.

Have you ever imagined how fantastic these organs are at protecting your life?
The message comes with this article is that we should not allow excessive amounts of anything bad (or anything good for that matter) to be taken into your body or beyond its capacity to compromise.

This is how you should deal with your smoking habit as well.
The management of safe smoking is the key to reducing unwanted substances from the smoke, keeping things such as tar, nicotine and other harmful chemicals to a minimum level. The objective expected is that your body then is capable of neutralizing these little hazardous substances.

Simple tips for safe smoking:

  • Never try to increase the amount of smoking.
  • Instead, try to smoke less than one pack per day.
  • Do not inhale the smoke deeply into your lungs, and limit inhalation to your throat only. This is to prevent the tar and nicotine from getting stuck to the lung.
  • Never finish a whole cigarette just for the sake of finishing it; put the cigarette out when you feel better – even if it is only half finished.
  • Be respectful towards other people’s health by never smoking around non-smokers or in a crowd.
  • Keep up your health by performing regular exercise, eating healthy foods and running a healthy lifestyle. This will improve your metabolism and body’s defense system.

If you can not follow tip #3, then a cigarette filter should be your choice for reducing nicotine.
The above tips do not guarantee that smokers will be 100% free from the risks to health.
The principle is that less smoking is better than much smoking and stop smoking is the best.
Always have daily good nutrition in order to strengthen your body defense system.

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