Die from Peanut Allergy

allergic to penautsThe purpose of sharing this story is to broaden your knowledge about kinds of allergy and to make you cautious in choosing the foods when you are allergic to nuts or certain foods.

Dublin, 14-year-old girl suffered shortness of breath after eating spicy curry satai which turned out to contain nuts. She later died on the way to hospital after a pharmacy refused to give her medication.

Never give nuts to nut allergy sufferers or give chocolate to people who are allergic to chocolate. They could have severe itching, dizziness or shortness of breath after eating. Excessive allergy as mentioned above was experienced by Emma Sloan.

Emma was born to have anaphylaxis – severe allergies to certain foods. Her body reacted excessively every time she came into contact with nuts and any other same kinds. Until now there is no cure for allergies. Therefore, the only savior when sign of allergy begins to attack is to inject EpiPen which can be obtained at a pharmacy or hospital. Continue reading »