6 Benefits of Sleeping Naked for Women

Healthy SleepAccording to new research, less than 10 percent of Americans sleep naked. Sleeping naked can not only make women look sexy, but also it is actually good for their health as claimed by the experts. This also applies to men for maintaining their general health.
So, check out these following 6 reasons why you will benefit from sleeping naked, as quoted Cosmopolitan.com:

1. Powerful healthy vagina

The author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women – Jennifer Landa MD, said that sleeping naked could make your vagina healthier. As we know, the vagina is inhabited by several species of bacteria and yeast. However, the worse thing is that a warm vagina sometimes can cause excessive growth of bacteria. One of the ways to prevent infection is to keep the air circulating around the vagina. This will happen when you are naked during sleeping. Continue reading »