Mangosteen as Migraine Remedies

Mangosteen as Migraine Home Remedies

Head pain

Head Pain

Few things are as more weakening than a migraine. A severe head pain is enough to make you struggle to think straight, and in many cases can result in you wanting to do nothing other than to sit in a shaded room with our eyes shut.

But the world doesn’t operate that way. We all have to operate on a daily basis for our professional and personal life. So this is why 15% of the world population who are tormented by migraines are constantly searching for ways to deal with them.

The challenge is that conventional ways of treating these extreme headaches is very much limited to patented medicines. Now drugs can be useful in the lighter migraines, or to help reduce the agony of the worst migraines, but they don’t solve the problem and we are often very still unable to live as per normal. Even worse the more powerful the medication the more the side effects (often not ‘being with it’), so they stop you functioning normally anyway.

Why Migraines Happen

Some hope is presented further that we come to understand what the causes of migraines are. Recent study leads us to believe that a migraine is triggered normally on one side of the head or the other, by the unexpected expansion of blood vessels flowing to the brain.

These bloated blood vessels then push against nerve endings in the soft tissue – causing irritation of the nerves. Nerve irritation may not sound a lot but that is pretty much what pain is, nerves which react to stimulus.

Mangosteens as Migraine Home Remedies


Mangosteen Headache Cures

There are still a few people who know that mangosteen can act for headache cures.

Mangosteen  is a fruit found in Indonesia. Purple and green in color, mangosteen is about the same size as a Satsuma and known for tasting good.

So where do mangosteens come to be Migraine Home remedies to help migraine sufferers?
Knowing what a mangosteen can not tell us the whole story. What we need to know is what is beneath the surface, which health benefits it is that the mangosteen can act as migraine headache remedies.

There are two extremely strong benefits from using mangosteen.

Firstly it is a mild pain killer, helping to subdue our reaction to nerve stimulus, reducing the pain that we feel. Considering that this symptom is probably the main problem with migraines that is important – but as pain killers have shown us that can only do so much.

Secondly, the benefit comes with the anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen.

Because this amazing fruit is able to reduce inflammation it means that the expanding blood cells that are the cause of the migraines are less likely to expand.

When coupled with a less sensitive nerve area this can mean a cessation of all headaches.

Whilst mangosteen is still undergoing study by some of the leading scientists in the field the concept of it helping migraine sufferers is a strong one – and anecdotal evidence of those who have used mangosteen to help deal with migraines is very strong.

So, if you are having migraine you may try eating mangosteen to experience its benefit in reducing you head pain. It is no harm at all.