Unhealthy Habits by Women

5 Bad Habits Impacting Women’s Health

By Albert S.

Women are known to be more concerned about hygiene and health care. But on the contrary, they often unwittingly make some unhealthy habits that affect negatively their health.

Some certain habits can sometimes lead to negative conditions for women’s health. As quoted from Medicmagic, there are five health-affecting mistakes women typically do.

Here they are:

1. Always order salad
Throw away the assumption that the salad is a healthy menu, it depends how you dress it. Because of inappropriate dressing, the calories and fat contained in the salad becomes just the same as in the burger.
Dressings such as mayonnaise, thousand island and mustard usually contain lots of fat that is not useful to the body. If you want to eat salad, you should reduce the use of fatty dressings and avoid adding cheese on top.

2. Too often wear contact lenses.
Under certain conditions, such as dry or cold weather, it is safer to use glasses instead of contact lenses. Additionally, contact lenses can also trigger the reduction in tear production so it makes eyes susceptible to conjunctivitis and to have a contagious eye disease. Experts advise to wear glasses more often to avoid infection in the eye.

Women want to exhibit their natural beauty by wearing contact lens, but in certain condition they have to pay the price of damaging the health of eyes for sake of a good look. Vitamins for eyes will not help fix eyes problem due to contact lens. .

3. Ignoring pain
Women who are busy working, looking after children, organizing and cleaning the house in general would think that the pain they experience is caused by exhaustion, accordingly pain are often ignored. Although women more often go to the doctor than men, in general, they paid little attention to their own health.

4. Not having enough sleep time
Most women can not have a good sleep at night or sleep less than seven hours. Unfortunately, this condition is fairly common and thus affects the body’s ability to burn fat and also it reduces immunity. To have a better sleep, avoid caffeine, alcohol or anything else that can disturb sleep, and start to improve sleep patterns correctly.

5. Having a friend with a bad habit
Women tend to follow what is done or said by their friends. That is true that people around can influence most of us. But we have to be critical and selective. So try to reject something that is not healthy habit or advice and avoid the bad influence from others.

Wishing you a good look and health.

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